Free Online Drinking Games

We'd really prefer it if you bought one of our physical drinking games, we genuinely  think they add an extra layer of dynamic to your gatherings and parties. Sometimes it can be too late for that, like say, if your host is a terrible planner and they've completely forgotten to sort out any ice breakers. For those instances, we've created a bunch of completely free drinking games you can play online:

DRUNKH Board Game

This is definitely our best but it can take a little time to setup. It's essentially our DRUNKH drinking game but on a virtual board. With multiple board types and game modes, it's genuinely really fun for last minute drinking. 



DRUNKH Drinking Game

This is just our DRUNKH drinking game but in online form. Obviously it doesn't contain ALL the cards from our physical game (we have to leave some things to be desired), but it does have a lot. AND we are constantly adding to it. It's simple, do what the card says and then load another. You'll see what we mean when you click play:


We've even split it out into a few different modes for you: