About Us

    We mainly create brutal drinking games. The end goal is usually always the same, to get drunk and have fun doing it (if not a little offended). Whilst not all of our games will directly involve alcohol, we'd advise drinking it whilst playing them (it'll soften the blow & you may require the liquid confidence).

    We made the first of our games during the COVID-19 lockdown (remember that?) - it's an online board game that you can still play for free - It's pretty good, in our humble opinion. Since then we've moved onto more physical card games. We did this because for some absurd reason you, the consumer, are willing to spend more money. The more money we make, the more dumb things we can spend it on. 

    We do still try and incorporate online technology into our physical drinking games though. Whilst this is more costly to develop than just another standard pack of cards (you're welcome), we think it adds incomparable benefits to the game.

    That's all I could think to write. Here's some of our products you for to buy:

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